Do You Remember?

we used to talk
even when we were broke
we used to have fun 
at night and under the sun 
you, me, all of us, together 
any of that, do you remember? 
we used to cycle throughout the town 
used to take turns to pedal each other around
we used to go for walks
used to race up to mountain tops 
that adventure, that adrenaline rush 
those secrets we used to have 

the way in front of all we used to shush 
those sittings around the fire place 

the stories we always told, whatever the case 
in foggy nights, the fire flies we used to chase

how amazed we used to get at their gaze  
you and me and all of us, together

any of that, do you remember? 
it all comes back to me 

every year, each December 
and I but only wonder 

any of that, if you too, remember
how we used to be 

you, me, all of us, together


Our Life!

Life! A miracle they say. Miracle indeed. Of love, of hate. Of light, of darkness. Of relations, of strangers. Of truth, of lie. Of pain, of bliss. Of you, of me. To sum it all up – of contradictions. Yes. Life is a miracle of contradictions. But then where do all these contradictions stem from and how are we humans supposed to make our way through them? Or maybe life is nothing but a vast field of question marks. Who? Where? Why? When? How? Questions that nourish contradictions. Questions that help us find our way through those contradictions. This makes sense. Life, a miracle of never ending questions! Questions that continue to pop up and continue to lead us through. It has to be questions, for life certainly has nothing to do with answers. It’s these questions that make us aware of a missing answer somewhere and then we set out on the quest to discover it. Isn’t this what the best of us have always been doing? Setting out to discover an answer to some particular question? How many of them succeeded? None actually. The ones who got very close to discovery are the ones we remember most. There would be uncountable others who we do not even know about; only because they couldn’t get too far in their search. Wait. This, then, transforms the dimension of life. It is not about contradictions or questions; it is about the struggle to find the answers. Yes, it is. Life! A miracle of continuous struggle! A struggle to reach. To find. To win. To achieve. To understand! That’s true. That’s what we all are doing actually. Struggling! You have your own set of desirables that you are struggling towards. I have my own. So does everyone else around us and everyone far away from us. We are all running and fighting and pushing and toiling. All struggling. In an illusion that it will get us somewhere, to someone, to something. Will it? Has it ever? No. It’s an illusion that is born with every human and then in the same delusion that human leaves. There are no questions. There are no answers. Nothing to win. Nothing to lose. There is only you. There is only me. There is only this time. This dimension. This space. There is only we. Now. Tomorrow, we will not be. Your struggle will be left stranded. So will be mine. We are all individual specs travelling through life. Our paths are nothing more than a mere segment of one dashed line in a collection of hundreds of millions of similar dashed lines. That is what our life is. A miracle! Indeed.