Your definition, My definition!

It was the urge to discover my self which dawned the realization that my definition does not evolve from any science. Neither can I be defined by any phenomena or syndrome.
My intellect is unique, my spirit is unmatched - I am nothing but a miracle, a miracle of my Creator!
And, in this process of self discovery, another beautiful realization was the discovery of everyone around me. Everyone, including you!
You, too, are nothing but an equally supreme creation - unique in intellect, unmatched in spirit! Nothing but a miracle!
Miracle is what we all are, together, able of doing all the wondrous things. That is what our only definition is! That is what you and I are!


Silent & Loud Thoughts!

There used to be a silence inside. Once. But then something happened. Something intense. The silence consumed the whole and took over. Now there is silence outside. And inside? The inside is loud! But clear. And this blog? This blog is an attempt to share those clear, loud thoughts through stories - short and shorter!

You are encouraged not only to comment on the posts but also to share your silent and (or) loud stories.

Together we can learn and grow compassionately!